Book 2 emblem Book 2: Angleworm Page 99: Against The Fray
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The background is white.

Panel 1

Iris looks shocked, her mouth open wide and her hands raised in a gesture of surprise. She looks at Mrs. Isquith, saying "*You know about the forgetting?!* Is everyone in Broodhollow affected? Do we all just forget things we shouldn't?" The sky is dark blue, and the snow continues to fall over the two of them and the gravestones in the background.

Panel 2.

Mrs. Isquith is shown in three poses, walking around Iris and talking, while Iris stays in the center of the panel, her expression doubtful and uneasy. The effect is as if Mrs. Isquith is walking around Iris as she talks, while Iris stays still. Mrs. Isquith starts off a few feet from Iris, her expression hard to read because of her wrinkled face, and says "The fray affects each of us, for its own purposes." She walks behind Iris, continuing "We lose fragments of our history. Things of importance to us." Iris, looking away from Mrs. Isquith, asks "But *why*? Can it be stopped?" Mrs. Isquith moves to the other side, facing Iris and saying "Like all troubles, the fray cannot be solved. Only *coped* with."

Panel 3.

Facing away from Iris, Mrs. Isquith continues "The Auxiliary learned to cope. You mostly forget from your *own* life. But someone can remember *for* us. And we remember for them in return." Iris, standing behind Mrs. Isquith, turns to look at her, her expression stunned. A hazy shade of blue has settled on the background of gravestones, so that they nearly blend into the dark blue sky.

Panel 4.

Iris and Mrs. Isquith are shown in silhouette, with Iris in a teal green with her green scarf around her neck and Mrs. Isquith in navy blue. The background is white and their legs and feet are partially covered up by hazy white, suggesting the blowing snow and wind by their feet. Iris, standing a few feet behind Mrs. Isquith, reaches out to her and says "Mrs. Loucks. That's what you meant... She's my *hem*." Mrs. Isquith, walking away from Iris with her back bent slightly, answers without turning back, "And you will be hers. All we have against the fray is one another." Iris asks "But... If you know this... Why *stay* in Broodhollow?"

Panel 5.

Mrs. Isquith, several feet away from Iris, turns her head back and says "There are devils everywhere, child. This is the one I know."

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