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The background is black.

Panel 1

In the dark corner of the basement, near the pile of wreckage, two spots of blue light giving off horizontal rays of thin light appear, apparently the skeleton's eyes although its body is not visible.

Panel 2.

A third spot of bright light appears underneath the eyes, presumably from the skeleton's mouth, although the body is still not visible. In its red-bordered light blue text, the skeleton says "Close." Then in another speech bubble, it continues "Your eyes."

Panel 3.

Zane is walking along the edge of the room, feeling the wall with both hands. He looks behind him, his face terrified and his eyes blank, and thinks "Can't find a door. Can't find anything. It's all sealed. *All closed.*" Mercy is clinging to his back. There are cracks in the wall and parts that seem to be boarded up, but no visible means of escape.

Panel 4.

The skeleton continues, in larger type, "Close." Then in another speech bubble, "Your." In a bubble connected to the previous one, he continues "Eyes." Zane steps back to avoid a brick being thrown at him. Motion lines indicate its trajectory, sailing past Zane's shoulder and striking the wall. It breaks in half, with cartoon stars indicating where it connected with the wall. Zane, still reaching towards the wall with one hand and holding his other hand in front of him as if to protect himself, looks at the brick with a startled expression.

Panel 5.

Zane, his back to the wall and his arms to the sides, looks blank and completely terrified. Behind him, Mercy clings to his arm and peeks over his shoulder. He thinks "All closed off. He's had time. He's had a hundred years."

Panel 6.

Zane continues to sidle along the wall, his arms to the side, as he thinks "A perfect space for his work." He's in front of a space that looks like a boarded up window or door, although the room is in such bad shape that it is hard to tell.

Panel 7.

The skeleton says "So it will." In another speech bubble, he continues "Be." In a third, he continues "Quick." He throws something at Zane, and it hits the wall beside him, throwing up a shower of dust as it breaks. The cloud of dust is right by Zane's face, and he closes his eyes and brings up his arm to try to shield himself, making an "Auugghhk" noise in large type that extends to the very edge of the panel. Behind him, even Mercy closes her eyes and extends one wing.

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