Book 2 emblem Book 2: Angleworm Page 102: Logging Road B
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The background is white.

Panel 1

A view of Broodhollow's snow-covered buildings and horizon. The wind is blowing in strong gusts and it's snowing heavily, giving the picture a hazy feeling. Lines of dark grey smoke from chimneys blow to one side, creating a subtle effect of three darker lines against the bluish-grey sky. Zane narrates, "I have to go away, Mercy." His text is red on a yellow background, creating a jarring, intense feeling. The border of the panel isn't the usual black, but is rather dark grey with some slight variation in tone, becoming very subtly lighter in some spots.

Panel 2.

Zane's narration continues in red on yellow, "I have to remember. And there's only one place that might scare me enough to do that now." Zane, wearing his coat and scarf, is holding Mercy out in front of him in both hands and looking at her tenderly. One teardrop is falling from his eye, while another is dripping off of his face. Mercy looks up at him, making an "eeee?" noise. The room is dark, with the area all around him colored in shades of black and dark teal.

Panel 3.

Zane's narration continues, "When I first saw his body I didn't have all the pieces. All the clues. Now I do." Zane's desk in the dark back room. The books and encyclopedias have been cleared off to both sides, creating space for his beat up dream diary, the torn-out and crumpled final page with the bloodstains and the bloody corkscrew, all placed deliberately next to each other.

Panel 4.

Zane's narration continues, "I have to go back to where it happened." He is trudging through knee-high snow against the wind, his hands in his pockets and his scarf pulled over his nose. The wind blows the ends of his scarf out to his side and behind him. His expression is troubled. The background is entirely white and Zane appears almost hazy, as if the wind and snow are so thick that it's hard to see the image. The panel border is grey, with more defined patches of light grey in some places.

Panel 5.

Zane's narration continues, "Where I did it." He continues to trudge through the heavy snow, leaving a trail of disturbed snow behind him. He's surrounded by snow-covered pine trees, nearly hidden by the heavy wind and snow. A wooden sign in the foreground, its post nearly covered up by a drift of snow, reads "Logging Road B" in red handwritten text. The panel border is grey, but the border is increasingly light grey in several places. The effect is as if the border itself is vanishing, giving it an unreal feeling.

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