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The background is black.

Panel 1

Zane is sitting on the ground, his knees bent in front of him and his hands rubbing his face. His eyes are scrunched tight and he grimaces as he shouts "*My eyes!*" Small clouds of dust linger in the air around him. Behind him, Mercy has her hurt wing dragging on the ground and her other wing raised and extended, an expression on her face as if she's angry.

Panel 2.

A close-up of the skeleton's hand grasping a knife. His bones are wrapped with thread and there's a sort of stitched-together glove that covers his wrist and part of his palm. In his characteristic blue text with red outline, he makes a "Shh" noise. Then, in another speech bubble, he makes another "Shhhh" noise.

Panel 3.

A close-up of the skeleton, his jaw hanging wide open and a glowing blue light coming from the back of his throat. His eyes shine behind the lattice of thread stitched over the eyeholes of his mask, and he says "Over now."

Panel 4.

The skeleton approaches Zane, who is still on the ground, trying to back away. His eyes are closed, and he has one hand to his forehead. Behind him, Mercy is extending both wings. The skeleton says "A good." Then, in a connected speech bubble, continues "Struggle." In a third connected bubble, he continues "But."

Panel 5.

The skeleton leans towards Zane, who is still on the ground, rubbing his eyes. The skeleton says "This always." In a connected speech bubble, he continues "Ends." In another speech bubble, he says "The same."

Panel 6.

The skeleton says "Way" but his word turns into a loud "Hhissihhiiisshsiiihshiiihs" sound, and he turns his head sharply to the right.

Panel 7.

Iris is there, her face determined and her teeth gritted. She's facing the skeleton and holding a frying pan as if she's swinging a baseball bat, with her hands by her head. Behind her is Maddy, hovering a ways away in the darkness, her eyes glowing as she watches the scene. Iris is colored in the same mottled dark red way that everything else in this scene has been colored so far, turning her bright green outfit to a dark brown.

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