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The background is black.

Panel 1

There is no

Panel 1 When readers visit the page, we see the standard ad, menu and Broodhollow logo, then a large black space where the comic should start. Only a small beam of vertical light is visible, thin at the top of the comic and gradually widening.
Panel 2.

There is no Panel 2. When we scroll down, the large black space continues, filling the whole screen. The beam of vertical light becomes wider, and a second beam of light is visible near the base of the screen.

Panel 3.

This panel fills the whole screen as well. Iris has tears coming from her eyes, but she looks focused and determined as she completes her swing with the frying pan. In front of her is the skeleton. She has knocked his head completely off of his body, and it flies up and away from his neck, some of his teeth knocked loose and red and blue threads from his hood fluttering in the air. His eyes are still shining with the eerie blue light and his jaw hangs wide open. His left arm is akimbo, his hand raised, and for the first time we get a really good look at his body, because the light is more natural than it has been for a while and because the panel is so large.

Over his shoulders and the top of his ribcage, he wears a tattered garment stitched together with red and blue thread. It looks like it's divided in half, and over part of the left half is a fist-sized patch. The thread wrapped around him is red and blue, reminiscent of human blood vessels, and it falls loose from his body. The background to this panel is made of vibrant shades of red and purple, with a cascade of red showing the arc of Iris' swing.

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