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The background is white.

The comic consists of a single panel with no border. Zane, his corkscrew still in his hand, is turning towards a gigantic insect-like creature that is behind Novacek's corpse. His expression is startled and terrified, and the ends of his scarf blow wildly in the wind around him. The creature most closely resembles an ant, although it appears to be perhaps eight to ten feet tall at its highest point and perhaps around 15-20 feet long. Its head and thorax appear to be protected with a lumpy, thick exoskeleton colored in shades of blue and red, and its abdomen appears to be either covered with or made of a mass of bones. Human skulls, skulls of deer and other animals, rib cages and assorted bones can be seen in the mix.

The creature has thin slits for eyes surrounded by puffy ridges of chitin, and they are glowing red, casting an eerie red tint on Zane and on Novacek's corpse. It has two regular mandibles and two hook-like mandibles around its mouth, and it is eating Novacek's arm from the elbow. The limb dangles towards the ground, and blood is dripping off of the fingers. Novacek's corpse is mangled and his clothes are torn, and he is rapidly being covered by the snow, but the trail of three lines leading to it still seems fresh. His glasses are sticking up in the snow behind him.

The creature has what appear to be three stingers or antennae coming from its neck and bending to frame its head, and each one swells near the end then thins out into what looks like a needle-sharp point. It has six legs coming from its thorax, three on each side, and the legs seem in places to have some form of fur or moss on them. The legs on each side closest to the head are smaller and thinner and have sharp, curved pincers on the ends, while the other four legs are thicker and larger. The sound the creature makes starts on the left side of the comic and goes all the way behind it to the right side of the comic. It makes a "Chth. Cht chht. Tcch ht tit ch chht. Tcht. Cht tcht tit. Chtt." noise, shown in small light blue letters drawn closely together in a wavy, uneven way.

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