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The background is white.

Panel 1

Iris' frying pan falls to the ground, with a cartoonish yellow pattern showing the spot where the side of the pan hit the ground. It appears that it might be a dirt floor, and behind it we can see part of a broken brick wall and some loose wooden boards.

Panel 2.

Iris and Zane hug each other tightly, both of them crying. Iris says "*Wadsworth!* Are you okay?" Zane, his expression still upset, says "You *saw* it! *You saw it too.* How... did you *find* me?" Beside them, Mercy hovers in midair, her wings extended.

Panel 3.

Iris, standing in front of Zane, looks worried as she says "*She* showed me. She led me here but wouldn't go inside. This is some burned-out cellar in the Harker mansion." Zane listens carefully, gritting his teeth. Mercy hovers above Iris' head.

Panel 4.

From offscreen a voice says "Hey." Both Iris and Zane turn their heads quickly, the movement indicated by thin white lines. They both look very surprised, which is also indicated by thin yellow lines coming from their heads. The neat stitches on Zane's forehead are still there.

Panel 5.

The Bottlefly Boys are there, all smiling. Maurice says "*You two* sure picked an odd spot for late-night canoodlin'! *Haw haw!*"

Panel 6.

Wadsworth, shaking his fists and looking angry, says "*We weren't canoodling! I was almost killed!*" Behind him, Mercy has her wings fully extended, making it almost look like Zane has wings. Maris steps to the side, pointing at the ground and saying "Sheesh, Maurice, look at these old *bones*. Are they... *human??*"

Panel 7.

Zane, Maris and Maurice all stand around a pile of bones. The skull appears to be intact, and is still wearing its hood. Part of the rib cage also appears to be intact. Beyond that, there are some random bones scattered around the pile, as well as some bone fragments. The hood itself is seen here rendered in the flat, cartoony style for the first time, making it very clear that it was created from two pieces of similarly colored but different material and stitched with red and blue thread. Some fragments of material are still on the ribcage as well. Maris says "Good *gravy*, Wadsworth... I'm gonna fetch Chief Belknap! I don't think anyone's been down here in a hundred years!" Zane, his arms out to the side, says "I *know* for a fact *someone's* been down here!!" Mercy, clinging to his shoulder, looks at the pile of bones.

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