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The background is white.

Panel 1

The gigantic ant-like creature rears up on its back legs, reaching out its two thinner front legs and fanning out its stingers as it stands over Novacek's corpse and looks down at Zane, who is standing perhaps six or seven feet away. It makes a "Kreeeee" noise, which is written in large dark blue letters, drawn with thin, sharp lines that give the impression the sound is earsplitting. Wind and snow swirls around the scene, and the skulls on its thorax can be seen, including a large antler poking out from the side. Zane is looking up at the creature, although we see the scene as if we're standing behind him and his expression is unreadable. The three lines of blood leading to Novacek's corpse are still visible at the creature's feet. The panel borders are the usual black.

Panel 2.

Zane thinks, "I remember." The lettering is the usual black, and the border of the thought bubble is also the usual black. He's looking up at the creature with his eyes small, blank circles and his mouth open in dismay. Behind him are Maurice and Morris. Their expressions are somewhat harder to read because their eyes are drawn in the usual squinty style, but their mouths are wide open.

Panel 3.

An inset image shows Zane in mottled black and white, sitting alone on a tree stump in the forest. The area is covered with snow, and he's wearing his coat and scarf. He's writing in his dream diary, and his eyes are shifting nervously to the side. A label in his handwriting reads "Been spending more time in the woods at night." Underneath this image, the creature lowers its head and tries to grasp Zane in its three antenna, bringing them together in front of its face as if to trap him. Zane dodges backward, his expression terrified, and one of the antenna passes through the space between his outstretched arm and his raised leg. The corkscrew falls out of his hand. The creature makes a "Cht cht cht cht cht" sound, drawn in small blue letters.

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