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The background is white.

Panel 1

There are three flashback panels in black and white, overlaid across the tops of two larger panels showing the present day in color. The effect is as if Zane is remembering the past while the action is happening. Zane is sitting in the forest, holding his dream diary open with one hand and holding his pencil in the other. He's staring straight ahead, his eyes small, blank circles and his mouth slightly open. Behind him are two cross-shaped gleams of light, with all other detail hidden by the dark pine trees. A narration box is written in Zane's handwriting on off-white paper, and reads "The fear seems to make me remember."

Panel 2.

Zane's back is pierced by one of the stingers. Blood spurts from the wound, and the fabric of his coat bunches up around it. His diary and pencil fly off cartoonishly, and he brings his hand up to protect his face as he cries out and winces. The background is a pattern of tightly packed circular shapes with uneven edges, which start out large near the panel border and gradually get smaller until they reach Zane's back. The effect draws the eye towards the injury.

Panel 3.

Zane is lying on the snowy ground on his stomach, lifting his head and looking at his back with a fearful expression. His coat is stained with blood, and there's a small, pointed object sticking about two or three inches out of his back. Several small, thin lines come from this object, expressing how startled Zane is at seeing it. The creature's three stingers are right above Zane, each one dripping slightly with some fluid, and the mandibles are about a foot away from his head. Zane's diary is on the ground in front of him.

Panel 4.

One of the creature's thin forearms swipes at Zane, cutting him on the right side of his forehead. Blood spurts from his head over the arm of his jacket, and the tips of the creature's pincer claws are covered in blood. Zane turns his head to the side, wincing, and cries out, his arms out in front of him. Snowflakes continue to fall, and the snow and wind are so heavy the creature is partially obscured.

Panel 5.

Maurice jumps onto the creature's head, holding tightly to its carapace and curling one arm around one of the three stingers. The creature brings one thin forearm to its side underneath him, and the claws of the other forearm are crossed, with the tips overlapping. Wavy yellow shapes by Maurice's shoulders show the force of him slamming his body against the creature.

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