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The background is white.

The entire panel is the Broodhollow Courier-Post front page above the fold. The headline blares "Harker Mansion Historic Find!" The subheading reads "Century-old basement undisturbed since 1840 downtown fire." The sub-subheading reads "Skeletal remains also found among the burned ruins."

The article is by Terrence Fairfitch, Courier-Post Staff. It reads:

A near accident last night at the Harker Mansion may have resulted in one of the more exciting historical finds in recent years.
"A couple searching for a stray pet broke through a rotted cellar door covered over by vegetation," said Chief August Belknap in a statement early this morning. When authorities arrived, they had found a previously unknown sub-basement, its walls and floor still coated by soot, likely from the downtown Fire ninety-some years ago. (Note: Fire is capitalized.)
The couple, Wadsworth Zane and Iris Bellweather, were treated on the scene for minor injuries.
Perhaps most startling are the fragmented skeletal remains found in the center of the underground space. The condition and uniqueness of the fragments would seem to indicate that a number of individuals perished on that spot decades ago.
Mayor Ogden "Oggy" Osgood briefly spoke on the find this morning following Chief Belknap's remarks.
"Harker House has been one of Broodhollow's treasures, and overnight its value has increased tenfold," said Osgood, speaking to the Courier-Post outside of City Hall. "It's more important than ever that the house and surrounding land be kept pristine and only available to historical preservationists, such as myself." Osgood added that the couple would not face trespassing charges,
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To the right of the article is a picture of Chief Belknap in front of the Harker House. Underneath the picture is a story titled "Opinion: Let The Harkers Rest In Peace." It reads:

After last night's discovery, Broodhollowans will likely be buzzing anew with rumors and stories of old. The tragic story of William Harker and family is certainly troubling, but once the initial shock has passed, would be. not better to allow.. beloved Broodhollow...

The sentences are cut off by the edge of the panel.

Under the main article is a headline reading "Further Construction Delays at Evervale Air Strip." None of the article itself is visible.

The name of the paper is at the top. To the left is a small box with the words "Member of the Associated Press. The world's news on your doorstep." To the right is a small box with the words "Weather. Broodhollow. Cold November. Fair, mild today." Underneath the name of the paper is a line with the text "J. Bolthook & Co. Publishers, eight pages today, Broodhollow, W.V., Wednesday, November 13, 1932. "Our Past, Our Foundation." The final number of the year is blurred, as if several numbers have been superimposed on it, such that it could be 1932, 1933 or another year.

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