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The background is white.

Panel 1

There are three flashback panels in black and white, overlaid across the tops of two larger panels showing the present day in color. The effect is as if Zane is remembering the past while the action is happening. A narration box in Zane's handwriting on off-white paper reads "I was with the Bottlefly Boys." Zane, still on the ground, is sweating heavily and looking panicked, his eyes small white circles and his mouth wide open. Maris rushes forward directly at the creature's head between its three stingers, his teeth gritted and his hands out in front of him as if he's going to grab it. He's wearing his customary cap and sleeveless white t-shirt. The creature's eyes glow with a long, thin horizontal line.

Panel 2.

Maris is right in front of the creature's head, with one fist clamped around a stinger. He looks as if he's exerting himself tremendously, although his eyes are in the characteristic squint. In the background, Maurice has his hands balled up in fists and looks as if he intends to join in, but Morris has his hand on his shoulder and is pointing to something offscreen. His expression is worried, and some thin lines come from his head, drawing attention to him. Morris' speech bubble shows a picture of Zane's face, comic shorthand showing that he's talking about Zane..

Panel 3.

Morris and Maurice are running and holding Zane between them. Morris is going first, holding Zane's ankles, while Maurice is holding Zane by the upper arms. Zane looks limp and his expression is blank. Thin lines come from Morris and Maurice's heads, expressing their exertion.

Panel 4.

The present day. Zane is falling face down in the snow about 10-15 feet away from the creature, small clumps of snow flying into the air near his face as he hits the ground. His teeth are gritted, and he's wincing. He has two large bloody cuts on his right temple. In the background, the creature rears up on its hind legs, throwing its thinner forelegs straight up into the air, sending Maurice flying several feet away from it. Morris is behind the creature, his arms up to his sides. The heavy weather conditions make the scene hard to make out.

Panel 5.

Zane starts to get up to his knees, his head bowed. One of the creature's massive hind legs is visible in the foreground, perhaps about six feet away from Zane. The leg appears to be covered with lumpy chitin and short fur in places. One of the creature's claws is visible, although partially hidden by the last flashback panel. The corkscrew is lying in the snow about a foot or two from the creature's leg.

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