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The background is white.

Panel 1

There are four flashback panels in black and white, overlaid across the tops of two larger panels showing the present day in color. The effect is as if Zane is remembering the past while the action is happening. A narration box in Zane's handwriting on off-white paper reads "A terrible mistake. Can't return." There's no punctuation, as if he was writing quickly. Maurice is kneeling next to Zane, who is laying in his bed, while Morris is standing near the foot of the bed, his expression anguished and his hands up near his face in a gesture of frustration. Zane is laying on his side, his head turned toward the two men. His expression is terrified, and he's holding on to Maurice's hand and to his bloodied dream journal. The thin object embedded in his back is visible, and several large stars come from it, comic shorthand for pain. The room is dark, and the desk chair is visible in the foreground.

Panel 2.

Zane is lying on his stomach, with his suspenders slipped to the side and his shirt pulled up around his shoulders, exposing the wound. It's a thin, pointed object with a slightly uneven shape that's sticking about two or three inches out of the middle of Zane's lower back. Three large stars float over the area, and the skin around it appears to be darker and mottled. Maurice points to it, and a speech bubble shows a skull and crossbones symbol, comic shorthand showing that he's talking about the area seeming to be poisoned.

Panel 3.

Morris is searching Zane's desk. A speech bubble shows cartoonish pictures of a pair of pliers extracting an embedded object, then a needle extracting an embedded object, then a pair of tweezers extracting an embedded object. He's moving quickly, tossing a comb, Zane's Skull and Shovels pin, a key and some pieces of paper behind him and to the side as he searches, and his expression is distressed.

Panel 4.

Morris holds a corkscrew in front of his face in one of his large hands, looking at it apprehensively.

Panel 5.

The present day. Most of the panel is covered by the four flashback panels, but we can see Zane standing up, his legs spread far apart and planted in the snow, and picking up the bloody corkscrew.

Panel 6.

Zane jumps at the creature, one hand stretched towards it and the other drawn back, holding the corkscrew as if he's going to punch the creature with it. His expression is enraged, and two streams of blood from the two cuts on his temple fly in straight lines behind him. His long red scarf trails out behind him, forming a third line. It appears that he is close to the creature's neck, although from the angle it's hard to tell. The creature's mouth is open, and its eyes are glowing bright red.

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