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The background is white.

Panel 1

Angstrom, looking concerned, says "I've... never seen anything like that." Zane has an angry expression and short white lines coming from his face to indicate his high emotions. He answers "*No?* No *psychological* reason why my head is *handsomely stitched shut* with *crimson thread*?" The background is a dull, light orange.

Panel 2.

Angstrom says "Wadsworth, please listen to me. I know you're upset --" Zane, leaning further towards him, shouts "Which *year* of grad school cued you into *that*, *Dr. Science?!*" The background is bright yellow.

Panel 3.

Angstrom leans away and says in very large text, "Mister. Zane." The background is bright, arresting orange.

Panel 4.

Zane looks chagrined, stepping back, holding his hand in front of him and starting to sweat. The background is a cool teal-blue.

Panel 5.

Angstrom holds his hand to his forehead and looks weary as he says "You do not need me as a friend right now. You need a *psychoanalyst*. And I've lost your *trust* -- crucial between a doctor and his patient." Behind him, Iris looks on, her expression blank. The background is the same cool teal-blue.

Panel 6.

Angstrom puts his hands on Zane's shoulders and looks concerned. Zane still looks slightly skeptical as he faces the doctor, with a slight frown on his face, but doesn't resist or move away. Angstrom says "When you tell me you've seen a *ghost*, I will *believe* you. I haven't myself -- but that doesn't mean that *you* haven't. Together, we will discover *why* you are plagued by these supernatural beings, *and* why the town seems to forget." The background is a calming teal-green.

Panel 7.

Angstrom, from off-screen, continues, "Perhaps the pattern helps you see the *unseen*. We should be studying *how*." He is no longer holding onto Zane's shoulders. Zane, the stitching on his forehead prominent, seems more relaxed, smiling and looking touched. The background is cool teal-blue.

Panel 8.

Angstrom continues, "*My* story about how ghosts aren't real hasn't helped you. Working within *your* story *will*. Sometimes, stories are more important than science." Zane is smiling weakly, obviously very affected by Angstrom's words.

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