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The background is white.

Panel 1

Zane, clinging to the creature's back with one arm, attempts to strike it with the corkscrew. It bounces off of the chitinous armor, making a "Clang" noise. His teeth are gritted and he's staring at the creature intensely. There's a large bloodstain on the right side of his head. The creature makes a "Cht. Chht. Cht. Tt. Cht" noise. The wind and snow blow heavily around Zane and the creature.

Panel 2.

The creature makes a loud "Kreeet" noise, and rears back, knocking Zane off balance. His arms and legs are akimbo and his scarf trails out in front of him as he falls backward, and blood is still dripping from his head injury. He holds the corkscrew over his head, and his expression is dismayed as he starts to fall towards the skulls and bones on the creature's backside.

Panel 3.

Zane lands heavily on his chest on the back of the creature, among several animal and human skulls, ribcages and bones. Several small bones fly off to the side as he falls. His teeth are gritted and his eyes are blank circles, and he's still grasping the corkscrew tightly. There seems to be a faint pinkish glow near his hands, coming from underneath the bones.

Panel 4.

Zane moves a ribcage aside, clearing off a patch among the jaw fragments, skulls and assorted bones. Underneath them is an area of the creature's body that appears pink and translucent, and is covered with thick, bluish blood vessels.

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