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The background is white.

Panel 1

Iris and Zane are walking together. It's evening, and the sky is a rusty pink. The buildings of Broodhollow are silhouetted in the background, and autumn leaves are falling in the background. Iris asks "Do you think we'll ever see Young Maddy again?" Zane replies "I *hope* not." Their expressions are both neutral.

Panel 2.

Iris smiles as she says "She knew Harker couldn't act while he was being watched. She saved *you* a few times. Maybe she's been protecting people for a long time. *I* wouldn't mind seeing her again." Zane looks sidelong at Iris, his expression dubious. The evening sky is turning darker as they walk.

Panel 3.

Zane, his expression tentative and anxious, says "Maddy... isn't the *only* ghost I've seen. I saw others like her. At night. On the streets. They seemed... *afraid.*"

Panel 4.

Iris replies "That's kind of comforting. That means whoever is out there, they're still like *us*."

Panel 5.

Zane, his face worried, says "Comforting is the *opposite* of what it is. It means something *else* is out there, frightening the *restless dead.*"

Panel 6.

The two of them walk side by side towards the buildings of Broodhollow. It is now nearly night-time, and the sky is a rich purple color. Behind them, in the panel foreground, are a pair of bushes and a tree with beautiful orange, yellow and brown leaves. Some of the leaves fall as they walk, while some are scattered on the ground behind them.

Panel 7.

The reader sees that behind those two bushes is the skeleton, Harker, crouching close to the ground and watching Zane and Iris walk away. He is rendered in light blue and still wearing his hood. His eyes still shine with the thin horizontal light broken up by the stitches over the holes in his hood. Behind him are more trees and bushes, rendered in dark purple.

Panel 8.

Harker looks to the side, raising one bony hand in front of his neck. There is a faint red mist in the air behind him, and a faint set of blue horizontal lines above it. The background here is even darker.

Panel 9.

Harker turns his head quickly to the other side, his eyes shining. Behind him, the scene is even darker, as if it is now properly night-time. The red mist has become two abstract patterns of bright red lines, one tall one on the bottom and one small one on top of that one. Above the lines is a circle of seven glowing blue orbs. Each one of them is glowing with a thin, horizontal ray of blue light.

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