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The background is white.

Panel 1

A caption says "One week later." The outside of the antiques shop has been thoroughly cleaned and the broken glass replaced. The sign still reads "Zane's Antiques & Antiquities", and a banner over the left window reads, in large letters, "Grand Reopening." The sky is blue, and a man walks by casually, his hands in his pockets. From inside, a voice says "Wadsworth, my boy! How have you been?"

Panel 2.

Zane leans over a desk, his hands on the surface, his expression cheerful. He says "Recovering from last week, Mr. Mayor. I don't know if you heard, but I've decided to stay." Mayor Osgood is in front of the desk, looking at him. On the desk is a cash register, and tacked to the front of the desk is a sign with a red stylized globe symbol and the words "Encyclopedia Atlantica, on sale here!" Behind Zane is a promotional poster for Encyclopedia Atlantica, showing a set of the books and the tagline "The World At Your Fingers." Next to the poster is the grandfather clock. It is now operational, with the pendulum swinging to the side, and it reads 10:05. The background is a light blue.

Panel 3.

Osgood, holding the sides of his jacket, looks relieved and says "*Neptune's trident!* Wonderful news! What changed your mind?"

Panel 4.

Zane replies "I made some really good friends here. And I decided... there was work to be done." In this close up of him, we can see that his stitches have been removed, although the cut is still visible.

Panel 5.

Osgood replies, "That brings me a *lot* of joy, my lad! This place wouldn't be right without a *Zane* behind the counter! And --" He sidles up to Zane, his hat in one hand held in front of him and the other hand raised secretively to his face.

Panel 6.

The background blue becomes darker as Osgood, his eyes looking to the side as if watching for people, whispers to Zane, "You... have an open invite to our... *evening meetings*. If you wish." Zane, leaning forward but looking to the other side nervously, says "*Oh I*-- I thought I left so rudely last week that I had upset everybody..." Osgood replies, "Odin's whiskers! I know it can be overwhelming! You had a lot on your plate!"

Panel 7.

The blue becomes even darker as Zane, still looking away but so close to Osgood that their foreheads are almost touching, says "I... I'll consider it... I know it's a great honor!" Osgood, still looking away and holding up his hand, says "Please do! We could really use another for oubliette!"

Panel 8.

The background blue returns to its earlier light color, and Planchett pops in, his head above Osgood and Zane. Osgood smiles, but Zane looks annoyed as Planchett says smugly "I'm worried Zane might be the type to cheat!"

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