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The background is white.

Panel 1

The comic is a single panel. Zane, sitting on the layer of animal and human bones covering the creature's back, has cleared out a large oval of space, revealing a pink, fleshy-looking, vein-covered part of the creature's body. He drags the corkscrew in a straight line down the center of the area, creating a deep furrow, as he looks down at it intensely and says, in large text with a wavy speech bubble, "I am not a killer." He has already carved two other lines, and the three lines come to a point in front of him, making a fan shape. The skin around the lines is thin and red, sticking up from the creature's back, but the space within the grooves appears white.

Red blood sprays out in several large drops, splattering over the creature's back and over Zane's legs, arms scarf and hands. The end of Zane's scarf flies wildly in the air behind him, and the two cuts from the creature's claw on his forehead are still bleeding, joined by a third bleeding cut parallel to the first two. The creature rears up, its front legs waving in the air, and turns its head to look back at Zane. Its red eye shines with a gleam of thin white light that stretches from the top of the panel nearly to the bottom. It makes a "Kreee" noise, drawn in thin, sketchy type and in light blue, that covers almost the entire background.

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