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The background is white.

Panel 1

Maurice grabs one of the creature's knobby front legs, which is about as tall as he is, as wide around as a small tree and bent at the top. His muscles bulge as he starts to pull it away from the creature's body at the leg joint, and he makes a "Rrrah" sound. Red blood spurts from the joint. The wind is blowing furiously around him, with thick snowflakes partially obscuring the scene.

Panel 2.

The creature rears up and raises its back, throwing Zane several feet into the sky, his long red scarf trailing out behind him. At the same time, Maris yanks the leg away , a trail of blood following it as he falls forward. Blood gushes out from the area where the leg was severed. The panel is drawn as if the reader is seeing the action from a distance, and it is all very hazy and obscured by the wind and the snow.

Panel 3.

Morris catches Zane in his arms. Zane grits his teeth and winces as he lands. His head is still bleeding, and his hands and clothes are stained with blood.

Panel 4.

Zane, back on the ground, runs away from Morris. His pose is exaggerated and almost comical, with his arms out to the sides and his knee raised high as he runs. His eyes are blank circles and his expression is intense as he says in large type, "*It's running! We can't let it get away!*" Thin, long yellow lines coming from his head express his energy, and his forehead is dripping with blood. Morris, standing behind him, has his arms out as if he's just put Zane down on the ground, and is looking at him in some confusion. Maurice, standing about ten feet ahead of the two of them with his back to them, tosses the severed leg off to the side casually and says "*Haw!* I'd like to see it *try* after what we did to it! That was close, Wadsworth. We --"

Panel 5.

Zane continues running, so far ahead of Morris and Maurice that they're just vaguely visible silhouettes far behind him. He says "*Have to finish this*." His expression is intense and one side of his red scarf trails out behind him. There's a path of three uneven lines of blood behind and in front of him.

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