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The background is white.

Panel 1

Zane is kneeling on the wrinkled edge of the pool, his hands on his knees. There is still blood on his forehead from the two cuts by his temple, and his eyes are small blank circles as he looks at the brilliantly blue water. The gigantic creature is next to him, its head resting on the edge of the pool with its jaw, rear leg and stingers bleeding into the water. The red light in its eyes is gone, and the front leg that Maurice tore off at the joint is sticking out, with some tissue hanging from the wounded spot. Zane says "Maris died *saving* me from this thing. And this lake... *The water isn't frozen*. It's almost *hot*." The snow continues to fall, and it's piled up thickly behind him, a few feet away from the edge of the pool. Three tall, thin trees are visible behind him.

Panel 2.

The pool seen as if the reader is standing behind Zane. It's a vivid blue, with the shadows of the thin trees across the way reflecting distortedly on the surface, casting darker lines of deep blue over the pool. The creature's bleeding leg turns the water dark purple to the right. Zane continues "And the hole. From my dreams. Have I been *here* before? In the dreams... I always go look."

Panel 3.

Zane continues, "Even if I already know what I'm going to find. I have to follow the *trail*. I have to *follow the pattern*." He's shown in profile, his eyes blank circles and his two cuts bleeding.

Panel 4.

Zane continues, "I have to know. *I have to know what's at the bottom. I have to go down.* The last two sentences don't end in periods, giving them an intense, stream-of-consciousness feeling. Zane's eyes are blank circles, and he hasn't moved.

Panel 5.

He continues, in small text, "But how --" His eyes become even tinier circles.

Panel 6.

The dark main room of the antiques shop. The old-fashioned diving helmet is resting on the end of one of the long, thin tables, near the tilted cheval mirror. The helmet is brown with brass trim. There are four large circles cut into the helmet, one over the face, two to the right and left and one at the top of the helmet. Each circle has a pane of glass set into it and a brass tic-tac-toe board-shaped grid installed over it. A curved part under the helmet apparently goes over the chest and upper back, and there's a long, thin white cord going from the front of this curved part, looping over the other edge of the table and back and falling to the floor. The distinctive square windows of the antiques shop are visible in the background.

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