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Panel 1

The Stillwood Forest, with two snow-covered pine trees in the foreground and several silhouetted pine trees in the background. The moon is huge and hangs low in the sky, shining brightly through the strong gusts of wind and snow. The sky is colored in purple and orange tones, although it's mostly washed out by the thick, white gusts of wind.

Panel 2.

Maurice and Morris are standing on one side of the creature's bone-covered abdomen, while Iris and Angstrom are standing on the other side. Maurice makes a gesture of explanation as he says "He was here a little while ago, Doc... But he just took off. Been gone about a half-hour." Morris is standing a foot or so behind him, watching him. Their squinty eyes make their expressions hard to read, but they both seem calm. Iris, holding her hands over her chest and looking at one of the human skulls on the creature with her mouth slightly open, asks "Was he going to get *help*?" Angstrom, also looking at the creature with his hands on his hips, says "This whole *scene*... is the definition of *unnatural*. If Mr. Zane isn't going to the authorities, *I* will." The creature is lying between the four of them, apparently quite dead. The patch of bones that Zane cleared off of its abdomen so he could gouge it is still bloody, and red blood has spilled onto several of the jumbled bones. The wind is blowing heavily, making the background look entirely white, and the trees in the background have long, thin trunks.

Panel 3.

Maurice says "Haw haw! Over a big *bug*? *We* already handled the *extermination*!" Angstrom walks over and faces Maurice, holding his cane out to the side and looking determined. He says "Gentlemen -- this quote bug unquote is as long as *a train car* and covered in *human and animal remains*!" Iris stands a few feet behind him, watching with her hands in her pockets. The brilliant blue water behind the group is hazy, and the tree trunks can barely be seen.

Panel 4.

A voice from offscreen says "That thing killed Maris and Novacek. Something keeps the Bottlefly Boys from *seeing* it like I do. Probably the police too. *Everyone*." Iris and Angstrom turn around quickly, Iris with a surprised look on her face and Angstrom appearing concerned.

Panel 5.

Zane is wearing an old-fashioned brown diving suit with gloves that go up to the elbow and boots that go up to the knee. He's carrying the diving helmet under one arm, and holding the tube attached to it looped up in his other hand. His expression is haunted and his eyes are blank, tiny circles. He continues "...But *you* can see it, right? You really *see* it?" Mercy is clinging to his shoulder, stretching out one wing and making an "eeee" noise.

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