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The background is white.

Panel 1

Iris, standing near the creature and several feet away from the edge of the pool, looks at Zane with dismay, thin black lines coming from her face expressing her surprise. She says "Wadsworth, you're *not* thinking of doing what it *looks* like, are you?" Zane, holding the helmet under his arm and standing on the edge of the pool with his back to Iris, tosses the coils of tubing to his left. He doesn't look back as he answers "It's warm. And you can even make out the bottom from here." Mercy is hovering in the air beside him, her wings flapped down. The water in front of Zane is deep and brilliant, mostly blue but stained in places with the creature's blood. The thin, tall trunks of the trees are in the background, washed out by the bright snow and the gusts of wind.

Panel 2.

Iris puts her hands out in front of her, palms up, in a gesture of explanation, and says "*You can't go down there!* Her expression is very worried. Mercy flies over near Iris, her wings outstretched. Zane is still near the edge of the pool, his eyes small blank circles and his two cuts on his forehead washed, although they're still visible. He replies "No, Iris. I can't *not*. The pattern has been trying to lead me here. There's no point in resisting. It's why I'm still alive at all. The pattern will keep me safe. The *fear* will keep me safe." The creature's corpse is behind Zane, the bones covering its abdomen visible.

Panel 3.

Zane stands on the unnaturally wrinkled edge of the pond and looks down at the brilliant blue water. His reflection is light blue, the lines distorted by the rippling water, and his eyes are still small circles. He continues "If I don't go down, I won't *see*. This will all have been for nothing. And I'll forget. And you'll forget. And something else will come and kill again."

Panel 4.

Iris, her expression distressed, says "Wadsworth, listen. Isquith knew about *memory*. The forgetting. The Auxiliary can *beat* it. We just remember *for each other*. No *fear*. *We* can do that, all of us! You need to listen to *reason*." Mercy is perched on her shoulder, peering over and looking at Zane. Angstrom is standing a few feet away from Iris, a worried look on his face.

Panel 5.

Zane, wearing the diving helmet, turns back to look at them. His eyes are barely visible as two small white circles within the darkness of the helmet, covered with the brass grid over the face hole. He says "What I need... is for the two of you to work the bellows."

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