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The background is white.

Panel 1

Iris leans forward, her hands palms out in a pleading gesture, and asks Angstrom "Dr. Angstrom, are you going to let him go down there??" Two question marks indicate the intensity of her question. Angstrom, standing in front of her and not turning to look at her, appears deeply concerned as he answers "I believed the town's memory loss to be a form of subtle mass hysteria. Solvable from *within*. It is obvious I was wrong." The snow and wind continue to blow heavily, and Mercy is clinging to Iris' shoulder, looking at Angstrom. The tall, thin trunks of the trees are visible in the background.

Panel 2.

Offscreen, Angstrom continues "We do not know what lies at the bottom of this body of water. But we are concerned that if we do not find out *now*, we will *forget*, and these events may *repeat*." Maurice and Morris are standing next to each other. They both appear to be worried, and Morris is frowning and gritting his teeth.

Panel 3.

Angstrom, facing Zane in his diving helmet, continues "The key to all of this has been *repetition*. Mr. Zane, you feel a *compulsion* to descend, to *look*, as you have in dreams." Although Angstrom's expression is largely hidden by his glasses, he seems less worried and more clinical in this panel.

Panel 4.

Angstrom bows his head, touching a finger to his chin, and continues "Perhaps the reason is that you *have* been down there before. The *diving suit* from your uncle Virgil's antiques shop. An odd thing for him to keep in West Virginia. One can *easily* posit that even if you haven't used it, *he* did." The dead creature's bone-covered abdomen is visible in the background, with the thin tree trunks behind it.

Panel 5.

Angstrom, looking at Zane offscreen, continues, "Each new discovery is an *extension* of the bequest that summoned Mr. Zane to Broodhollow." Iris, facing Angstrom but turning her head to look at Zane, says "So you're saying he should *go*?"

Panel 6.

From offscreen, Angstrom continues "In a manner of speaking, he is collecting the rest of his inheritance." Zane is standing on the edge of the pool in his diving suit and helmet, his hands out to the side in a tentative pose. The creature's large legs trail into the brilliant blue water to his left, with its massive, bone-covered and bloody abdomen providing a backdrop as he gingerly prepares to enter the water.

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