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The background is white.

Panel 1

Zane, leaning over with his arms out to the side, says "Reel me back up if you feel a tug on the line. Or a lot of tugs, for that matter. Ha ha." He's in his full diving suit, and his face is in shadow but his eyes are visible as two small white circles, giving him an eerie look. The wind and snow blow heavily around him, and the long, thin trunks of the trees and the corpse of the creature are visible in the background.

Panel 2.

Iris, standing several feet behind Zane says "*Wadsworth* -- you're going down there, but we're all in this *together* now. I know you're trying to learn whatever's happening to this town. To keep us *safe*. To *fix* it." Her cheeks are pink, and she's standing with her hands in her pockets, her expression earnest and worried. Mercy is flying beside her, her wings flapped down. Zane stands back up, not turning around.

Panel 3.

Iris continues, "Maybe you *think* you're only doing this because of some psychological *need* to uncover a *pattern*. But from here? It looks the same as *bravery*." She's smiling, and she appears to be deeply moved. Beside her, Mercy extends her wings, apparently looking at Zane as well.

Panel 4.

Zane turns his head to look back at her, his eyes open. The brilliant blue of the water is visible in the background, with the long, thin trees on the opposite side of the pool.

Panel 5.

Zane doesn't change position from the previous panel, looking back and saying "It's not."

Panel 6.

Zane, still holding the same position with his eyes open, continues "I'm scared to death."

Panel 7.

Zane jumps in the pool, his arms out to his sides and the tube connecting his diving helmet to the surface snaking out behind him. The water is clear and vivid, and it splashes around his feet as he reaches the pool.

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