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The entire strip is one large image with no panel borders, showing Zane sinking down into the pool of water. Near the top of the image, the water is a rich shade of deep blue, and it soon becomes a dark shade of midnight blue, then turns pitch black, blending with the website's black background and giving the page an eerie look. The surface of the water and the sides of the pool are not visible. Zane's cable is a thin, slightly wavy white line, shown with a bluish-purple tinge due to the water, going down the middle of the page.

At intervals, there are clusters of light, delicate bubbles next to the line, fanning out as they move the opposite direction to the surface. The reader must scroll down several times to reach the end of the cable, where Zane, in his full diving suit and helmet, is surrounded by total blackness. He has his arms crossed over his chest and his legs bent in front of him. A thin stream of bubbles comes from his helmet, joining the other groups of bubbles.

There appears to be a bright yellow light coming from inside his helmet, illuminating the water immediately in front of him and producing a long, thin horizontal line of light which reaches several feet to each side of him. Zane is at least thirty to forty feet underwater, and there is a lot of space underneath him, giving the impression that he's nowhere near the bottom.

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