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The strip is a single panel the size of a regular page. It's drawn in the style of Calvin and Hobbes, with thick, cartoony lines. It shows Zane attempting to run nearly waist-deep in show with Mercy hovering above him, flapping her wings down and looking behind her with a large yellow exclamation point coming from her head. A few feet behind them is the black bug-like creature that Zane saw in the rear view mirror coming home from the hospital, carrying a wooden coffin dripping with blood. The way Zane is drawn, as a short figure with a large head, strongly suggests Calvin, although Zane is wearing his blue jacket and red scarf and his hairstyle is the same. His teeth are gritted, and his breath forms puffs of steam. He is reaching ahead of him with one hand and the other hand is making a fist, as though he's struggling to get through the snow. The height and shape of the creature strongly suggests Hobbes, as it is about as twice as tall as Zane. There is a spindly red pattern on what appears to be its head, as well as a larger pattern on what appears to be its body. It is covered with dozens of insect-like legs placed seemingly at random all over its body, and is supported by several more legs radiating out from its body into the snow. Several of the legs are holding a wooden coffin, and blood drips between the slats over the front of the coffin and onto the snow-covered ground. The blood starts near the top of the coffin, but it pools at its base, forming a thin red line at the bottom of the coffin. The snow behind the two of them has deep furrows where they went through, dotted with blood. There are five long, thin tree trunks in the background, growing together, but the rest of the background is plain white. Straub's name in the upper-right hand side is written in tightly spaced capitals, similar to Watterson's signature.

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