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Cadavre On Art

The comic looks like it was torn out of a newspaper. Its title, Cadavre, is printed on the top left, and on the top right are the words "Registered U.S. Patent Office."

Panel 1.

Mort and Cadavre are walking together. Mort has his hands up in the air in a gesture of frustration as he says "Art! A colossal waste of effort and time! Of what value is it?" Cadavre, his eyes closed calmly, makes a gesture of explanation with one hand and answers "It is essential!" A little butterfly is fluttering in the air ahead of him.

Panel 2.

Cadavre turns to Mort and says "Art frees us from the crushing weight of life! Art soars above us like a breeze! A feather! A delicate soap bubble!" Mort, turning to Cadavre and shrugging, says "And if I just ignore it?" The butterfly hovers in front of the two of them.

Panel 3.

Rodin's famous statue, The Thinker, falls from the sky and lands directly on Mort. Small stars and dust clouds express the impact of the landing, and Mort's tiny porkpie hat lies on the ground right next to the base of the statue. Cadavre continues to walk, saying "Ah, we do so at our own peril..." The butterfly flies into the air.

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