A rectangle of light grey cardboard on top of a red dining counter flecked with bits of darker red. There is a napkin to the side. The edges of the menu are lightly stained in several places with light brown coffee stains, and there's a larger circle-shaped coffee stain right in the middle, as if someone had set a mug or coffee pot right on it. The words "Cubby's Dining Car" are at the top of the menu in an art deco font commonly used in the 1930s. The menu is split into three columns.

The left column reads:

Breakfast. Served before 5 AM and after 6 AM. 

Two eggs, ham slice or sausage patty: 35 cents.

Three eggs, ham, bacon strips and two eggs: 60 cents.

One Egg and Pancakes Any Size: 25 cents.

Two Pancakes and Spaniard's Omelet (parentheses Baker's Dozen Of Eggs end parentheses): 65 cents.

In a separate box are the words Cubby's Diner Breakfast: Two And One-Half Eggs, Three Pancakes, Two Hamburgers, French Toast And A Bacon Hock Plus Coffee: $3.40.

The middle column reads:

Lunch. In smaller type, it continues aka Dinner. In smaller type, it continues aka Supper.

Cubby's quote 'Cub-Cub' unquote Hamburger Sandwich: A double-pattied hamburger, fully-dressed including onions, slathered in Cub Sauce. Served warm. 90 cents.

Broodhollow Beef Brisket: Slow-cooked savory beef in Cub Sauce. Sliced tomato and one lettuce leaf beside. $1.10.

Quote Hollow Dog unquote: An all-American Hot Dog, sweet relish, onions and pickled beets. Spicy Cub Sauce for dipping. 80 cents.

Tuna Salad: 30 cents.

Egg Salad: 20 cents.

Chicken salad: 30 cents.

Mayonnaise Salad: 15 cents.

Beef-Grilled Cheese: 25 cents.

Corned Pastrami: 35 cents.

Spaghetti Sandwich: 30 cents.

Bar-B-Que Beef: 30 cents.

Bar-B-Que Chicken: 20 cents.

Bar-B-Que parentheses (plain) end parentheses: 30 cents.

Cheeseburger: 15 cents.

Delux Cheeseburger: 25 cents.

Cubby Junior: 35 cents.

Hot Cubby Boy: 30 cents.

Hot Sandwiches And Otherwise

Seafood parentheses (order cold or warm) end parentheses: 30 cents.

Lettuce and Tomato: 20 cents.

Egg and Lettuce: 30 cents.

Toasted Bread Sando: 15 cents.

Skymeat parentheses (assorted poultry) end parentheses: 25 cents.

Grill Scrapings: 35 cents.

Bacon, Lettuce and Mayonnaise: 30 cents.

In a separate box are the words Cubby's quote "Shrimp" unquote platter: A number of shrimp, breaded and oil-fried in the New York fashion. Squirt the lemon wedge on it. $2.50.

The right column reads:


Malted Shakes slash Malts: 30 cents.

Whipped Sodas: 35 cents.

Whipped Sundaes: 30 cents.

Hot Dr. Pepper: 30 cents.

Cola Float: 35 cents.

Switchwater Float: 40 cents.

Ice Cream Scoop: 30 cents.

Coffee or Tea: 15 cents.

Milk: 10 cents.

Iced Tea: 15 cents.

Hot Cocoa: 20 cents.

Iced Cocoa: 20 cents.

Room-Temperature Cocoa: 15 cents.


Frenched Fries: 30 cents.

Homed Fries: 35 cents.

Coled Slaw: 30 cents.

Tomato Salad: 30 cents.

Soup or Stew of Day: 35 cents.

In a separate box are the words Well Water: gratis.

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