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The Encyclopedia Atlantica is an encyclopedia published during the 1930s by Encyclopedia Atlantica, Inc., which has offices in New York, Boston, Ark Hill and Broodhollow. Its slogan is "The world... at your fingertips" and it's billed as "America's fourth-finest encyclopedia set".[1]

Their most recent edition was published in several volumes that filled three travel trunks.[2] The full edition spreads each letter over several volumes, such as "EA-EM", "LA-LL" and "PL-PY".[3] It is also available in a 52-book "Traveler's Companion".[4]

Wadsworth Zane was a door-to-door salesman for the encyclopedias in the town of Ark Mall. He was chosen as Salesman of the Month in September 1929 and was featured on their advertising poster.[1] A copy of the poster was put on the wall behind the register at the grand reopening of Zane's Antiques & Antiquities.[5]

At one house in Ark Hill where he attempted to make a sale, he was reminded that they were in a depression, and unless the books were edible, they were useless.[2]

After his second night in Broodhollow, Wadsworth found himself short on cash and decided to resume selling them. Reluctantly, he offered to let people tear out the pages they wanted for five dollars.[6]

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