A parchment-colored rectangle. At the top are the words "The world" in an elegant, hand-written font, and underneath it a red stripe with the words "quote At your fingertips end quote," in a more modern, almost science-fictionish font. Underneath that are the words "with the Encyclopedia Atlantica," in the hand-written font. Underneath that, in small type, are the words "Reg. Us. Pat. Off."

In the middle of the poster is a set of nine of the volumes, arranged with their spines right next to each other. The encyclopedias are red, with a stylized globe and the words "Encyclopedia Atlantica" on the cover and the spines, plus the range of letters covered in each volume. Small text underneath the picture says "Not pictured: Volumes AA-SB." To the left of the encyclopedias is a circle with a picture of Zane in it. He's shown from the shoulders up and looking happy and excited. A text bubble coming from him says "It's irreplaceable!" Underneath, in the red, science-fictionish text, it says "He can see!" Then in more regular text, it continues "Wadsworth Zane, salesman of the month of September 1929."

The last third of the poster has a caption in the red, science-fictionish text saying "Imagine knowing it all!" Underneath, in normal black text, is a paragraph reading: "What if everything mankind knew could fit in the corner of your home? *It's no dream -- it's real and it's coming your way.* Keep an eye out for your happy-go-lucky neighborhood *Encyclopedia Atlantica* man! He's the one with a spring in his step -- because he knows he's selling *America's fourth-finest encyclopedia set!"

At the base of the poster is the red, stylized globe that's on the books, with the words "Encyclopedia Atlantica, Inc." Underneath, in smaller text, are the words "New York Boston Ark Hill Broodhollow."

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