An image of Iris in an art nouveau style. She is sitting with one leg tucked under the other and holding a book open on her lap, smiling and closing her eyes. She is wearing her usual vest-style green shirt with a white collar, but her green skirt is longer and more flowing than the one she usually wears, draping to the side of the image and off the edge. She is wearing a crown of forget-me-nots and there is a golden circle behind her head, giving a halo effect. The words "Forget Me Not" are written in an arch above her head in a thin, artistic font, and the scene is framed with sinuous, overlapping white lines edged with gold, which evoke the Art Nouveau style. There are several larger forget-me-nots near the top of the image, with five blue petals and yellow centers. A field of light blue forget-me-nots outlined in darker blue on a blue background is behind Iris. The book she is reading has a red cover, and it is open to a page with the Bower Brigade emblem of a shield figure with two crossed shovels and a laurel wreath.

Purchasing options Edit

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