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A single panel cartoon with a white background. On top of the drawing are the words "Happy Holidays" in the thin, art deco style Broodhollow font. Zane and Iris are standing next to each other inside the antiques shop, looking at a Christmas tree. It's hung with colored glass balls, candy canes and gold garlands and has a silver star on top. Surrounding the Christmas tree stand, on the floor, is a shining white ring filled with arcane symbols, the light from which extends a foot into the air. The tree is dotted with patches of red veins, and long tentacles with diamond-shaped tips with spikes on them extend from the lower part of the tree. Around the top of the tree is another circle of arcane symbols, this one red, ringed with seven eyes. The yes are yellow, with a narrow perpendicular black pupil, and drip blood. They shine with white light that extends in thin horizontal lines to each side. Zane is holding one finger to his mouth and saying "That's odd... the ring of eyes usually doesn't show up until the 27th."

Notes Edit

This was Kris Straub's contribution to the Cards Against Humanity's "X Days of" holiday cartoons. The "X" and what it is in reference to varies from year to year. The cartoon is also available on the Funny Pages Zine site on Tumblr.

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