Ouster Eve is celebrated every two years on a mid-November evening. (Possibly November 11)

It was first celebrated by the missionaries who founded Broodhollow in 1811, who believed that ringing tuning forks dispelled darkness and drove out evil. Modern Broodhollowans treat Ouster Eve as an opportunity to show town pride and brotherhood. It's also a time to let go of the troubles of the past year and look forward to the future.

Ouster Eve is celebrated in the town square, near the bell tower. Although tuning forks are the traditional instrument used for making noise, any instrument or even one's voice will do, and extra noisemakers are on hand. Tuning forks for Ouster Eve are treated as heirlooms in some Broodhollow families.

Rutherford Planchett still has the tuning forks that once belonged to his great-great-grandfather, taking pride in the fact that they are modeled on the original tuning forks used by the founders. He also acknowledged that Virgil Zane "had a fine set" and inquired whether Wadsworth had found them.[1]

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