A Pattern is a behavior developed by Wadsworth Zane, used in an attempt to make his life better and protect himself from ghosts.[1] While talking with Wadsworth, Dr. Angstrom noted that he was discounting good events and that it was a "belief system [that] can only torment and never reward", with bad things being a punishment for a failure of some sort. Wadsworth responded by saying he did not want to include false positives, and that "decent people being decent" were not a part of the pattern.[2]

Some of the behaviors Zane uses include the following:

  • Opening and closing a mailbox three times to prevent bills from showing up when it is opened a fourth time.[3]
  • The "room pattern": Either leaving doors completely open or completely shut to avoid unreliability and being unsafe.[4]
  • The number of times he checks the deadbolt on a door can control which "different thing" happens to a person.

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