• Lianakerr

    On Describing Comics

    February 26, 2015 by Lianakerr

    I describe the Broodhollow comics for my friend Zack, which in this case means that I translate them from images to text, adding descriptions of the background, the characters' actions and body language and the way the comic is presented. (I take the term from described movies, which add descriptions of the action onscreen to the audio track.) I've been describing the strips since the very beginning, and I've also described the comic book Watchmen. 

    Spoilers for both Broodhollow and Watchmen follow.

    For stories like Broodhollow and Watchmen, where small details often turn out to be important later on in the story, I believe that a blind or low vision reader should be able to access all of the relevant information a sighted reader gets. This …

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