This is going to stay open for a while because I want to get the input from a few people before I finalize anything and create a policy.

Most of the wikis I am involved with are for kids' TV shows and movies. As such, there's basically no swearing in them, or if there is, it's the lowest end of the scale, such as "damn" or "hell". Those wikis have profanity listed as one of the things you can be blocked for. It's helped keep things in order.

There's very little profanity so far in Broodhollow. "Join The Club" where Zane is introduced to the Skull and Shovels society is the only one I can think of right now, and that's more of a chant and ritual than a profanity. I don't know if Kris is going to keep the series fairly clean, but since this is a "cosmic horror story", there may be more in the future and the language may get stronger.

I need help deciding if profanity should be allowed here.

Personally, I find profanity to be unnecessary because of the way it's used. Most of the time, it's either used as a personal attack or abuse, or people use it so much that it's basically dribbling out of their mouth and they're not even aware of it. The times when it's used deliberately and with care are almost non-existant. I have also held the belief that if you can't find a way of saying something without using profanity, you're not trying hard enough.

But a large number of visitors here and readers of the comic are going to be adults. Profanity is a basic part of life for a lot of adults. There may be times when profanity is appropriate and/or necessary.

Part of being an administrator is having to set aside your personal opinions. That's why I'm requesting comments about this.

From what I can see, there are two ways to handle this. The first is just to have a blanket ban on all profanity. The second would be more of an evaluation of how the profanity is used. If it's used for trolling, vandalism, shock value, abuse, personal attack, etc., it goes and the person is blocked. If it is relevant to the discussion, it could stay.

Is there a third way to handle this? Let me know in the comments. Try to keep them clean. If you're in favor of it, your objective would be to convince someone who doesn't see a need for profanity that it occasionally has merit. If you think we can do without it, I need to know that, too.

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