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Encyclopedia Atlantica
Appendix H: American Cities and Towns.
Broodhollow - Brookston.

Founded in 1811, Broodhollow is a small American city situated on the banks of the Argola River. The town's regional newspaper, the Broodhollow Courier-Post, has been in print since 1843.

Known regionally as "Town of a Thousand Holidays," Broodhollow has a reputation for being quaintly traditional. Citizens of the town celebrate all manner of customs and little-known holidays such as Pilgrimage Day, Banner Day, All Harvest, Adherence, St. Michael's Day, Old Chris... Commencement, Totenkinder, and many others. Despite the number of celebrations on the local calendar, Broodhollow's population is industriously spirited, and these "holidays" often only consist of a special mealtime or by evening observance.

Broodhollow has a sister town, Ichor Falls, to the southwest, known for its fine wood and coal production. Both towns border the Stillwood Forest.

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